This is a reminder of our DistrictTechnology meeting Thursday, December 20th at 4 pm at the ESC. The agenda is below as well as the notes I took from the November 15th meeting. Please invite others to the meeting and let me know if you have additional agenda items for December or additional notes from the November 15th meeting.


Notes from Thursday, November 15th


1. iPad positive vs. negative (Conclusion need increased Internet Speed first in LaSalle/Platteville - then iPad good for 6th-8th.) 9th Graders- TBD.

2. Unite Networks - Wan (~44k a year after Erate - would be $34k increase in Wan)

3. Schooldude - what is cost of each service - we cancelled Trip Request this week and will cancel IT direct this year once we have a new system up. Maintenance DIrect/PM Direct TBD. 


Asset Name

Renewal Amount

Renewal Date
















4. Subfinder - is this being utilized, should we remove and have schools handle this vs. subfinder to save $4k a year.

5. Website (schoolfusion) - Kevin and Aaron to look at class for next year and using Google website for $0 vs. $2400(post Erate) cost of schoolfusion.

6. Each or some schools contributing $2-$9k a year to offset new WAN until a Bond is passed.


Agenda December 20th.

1. Review Unite Proposal for WAN

2. Review Sprint/Nextel Proposal for 200 cell phones

3. Review comparison of iPad positives and negatives for 9th graders.

4. Review Apple Quote for 150 iPads for 9th Graders and 500 iPads for 6th-8th Graders (basically $379 for iPad, plus apps and case(~$75).

5. Review Apple's suggested iPad Management.

6. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) options for District - review Aruba December conference information.

7. Vote on WAN, Cell Phones, and iPads for 9th and 6th-8th graders. - need to have a decision by Board by February/March - present to Board in January/February.

8. As time permits discuss website, schooldude, new Eagle Net services, Applitrack, Chromebooks, school labs needing updated, other topics.





Elliot Ball - TOSA(Teacher on Special Assignment)

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