Thanks for attending the Technology meeting yesterday. Our next Meeting is Thursday, November 15th at 4:00 pm at the ESC. Again, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns related to current or future Technology plans. Please invite any other staff that is interested in the District Technology Committee.


Attached is the slide set I displayed - please add comments or make changes on the keynote or via email. Again, the purpose of the slides is to look at how we can work together more as one to help students/teachers with technology from the machine to the integration in the classroom. How Kevin's new role can help with this as well as iPad initiatives at GES, PES, PMES, and NVMS.



Items we discussed for review this year.


Technology website like Manitou Springs having list of Apps, technology information for teachers (classroom management, Responsible internet citizenship, Research, basic IT steps (wait, unplug, wait, ask your mentor, ask other teachers, ask your building secretary, ask your building IT expert, schooldude it, etc.)

Every IT budget item look into what else is available for same or less price - WAN, website, filter, schooldude, macbook airs, phones, etc.)

Google Docs for school dude, website


Next Meeting Agenda


Review above topics status

Talk about bi-weekly Tech discussion with teacher's using iPads from GES, PES, PMES, NVMS or Tech discussion with at least one Teacher from each of the six schools or one group per school - (e.g. Wednesday Afternoon Tech Club).




Elliot Ball - TOSA(Teacher on Special Assignment)

Weld County School District RE-1

Gilcrest, LaSalle, and Platteville, Colorado